Renmore AFC Training Drills

Drills Manual - Download


Conditioning Drills

Four Popular Conditioning Drills
Various Fitness Drills

12 month training program

Speed Training

Speed Drills

Agility Drills

4 Conditioning Drills

Off Season

Basic Conditioning Program

Warm-up Drills


Goalie Drills
4 Basic Soccer Goalkeeping Drills
Throwing, Diving and Cut off Angles

Defensive Drills
Simple Heading Drills
Three Defensive Drills
Position Drills
Marking and Small Fields

Individual Drills

Four Individual Drills

Offensive Drills
Simple Soccer Practice Drill For Shooting
Soccer Thru Pass Drill
Soccer Back Pass Drill
Break away and Shoot
Pass & Shoot Directly
Improve The Speed With Ball
Head a Ball Over Net
Simple Soccer Passing Drill
Dribbling Drills
Small Team Games
3 Soccer Dribbling Drills
Soccer Finishing Drills
Soccer Practice Drills
Two Soccer Shooting Drills

Training Manuals

Click here to download 10 tips to have a good season (PDF - 11 pages)

Click here to download PDF on conditioning drills (PDF - 26 pages)

Click here to download Football Drills (Word - 140 pages)

Click here to download drills for U5 to U6 (Word - 11 pages)

Click here to download drills for U6 to U10 (PDF - 22 pages)

Click here to download drills for U12+ (PDF - 102 pages)

Click here to download drills on successful corners (PDF 16 pages)


U6 to U11 Drills

soccer games and drills for under 5s
soccer training session for U6s
Teaching basic skills
The mental developmental of 6-12 year olds in youth soccer
The mental developmental of 6-12 year olds in youth soccer
U10 games and drills
U14 practice plans and coaching advice
U6 balance and co-ordination
U6-U8 basic foot skill games
U8-U9 practice plans
Warm up soccer drills
Warm ups
youth soccer coaching practice plans for U6 - U16
Youth soccer drills and games (passing and receiving)
U11 Soccer Tryout Training Session


Passing Drills


Heading Drills


Shooting Drills


Dribbling Drills


Possession Drills


Warm Up Drills


Individual Training Drills

Defending Drills




Combining Drills

Pairs Drills

Control Drills


Crossing Drills


Throw In Drills


Turning Drills


Coaching drills and games

1v1 to goal

Aggression (physical contact)

Attacking and shooting

Ball control skills are essential!

Ball control

Bumper cars passing game

Communication and team work

clear the decks soccer drill


Coaching throw in technique

Defending and tackling


Finishing school soccer drill

Four corners shooting game


Goal wars game for dribbling and shooting

Games to stop players from ball watching


how to coach players to pass out from the back

how to coach basic dribbling skills

Juggling the ball skills

Keepers colours

Killer ball game to improve passing skills

Keep the yard clean soccer drill

Make notes to keep track of players and their positions

Make your players feel special

Passing and receiving

Quick fire shooting game

Snatch the ball game

Small sided games (SSGs)

Stuck in the mud dribbling game

Shuttle shooting and goalkeeping soccer drill

Spreading out

Three big goals game

The box game to develop passing skills

Taking short corners


Visualisation techniques

Warm ups



three 8 week practice plans (U6-U8, U8-U10 and U12-U14) zip file

U8 coaching manual from the Ames Soccer Club (zip file)

more games and games for U-10s sorted by skill (zip file)