Renmore AFC Teams


The Academy is focused on providing a sound knowledge of the game and ensuring all players are allowed to develop their skills and abilities. Members of both genders play in these teams and will train and compete against other teams of similiar age-groups.


Our coaches are very experienced in coaching this age group and an environment of gentle encouragement and fun helps players enjoy and get the most out of their sessions.


Parents/guardians are always welcome to attend and watch the games and sessions. We especially encourage attendence at games as the crowd can make all the difference to a team!


The FAI Rule Book states:


"As and from August 1st 2011, in all under-age competitions under the jurisdiction of the Association and its affiliates, age eligibility shall be calculated from January 1st of the season in which the competition finishes."

Hence,  the following breakdown applies to boys and girls.  


The year of birth for the Academy is:

Under 6 - Born 2013

Under 7 - Born 2012

Under 8 - Born 2011

Under 9 - Born 2010

Under 10 - Born 2009


The Juvenile sector aims to challenge the players as they grow in both age and experience. The players take part in development leagues in the first year or two and then in formal leagues each season. The teams are involved in various cup competitions throughout the year.


The training also intensifies and becomes more difficult and challenging to improve players skills and abilities.


The Year of Birth for Juveniles is:

Under 11 - Born 2008

Under 12 - Born 2007

Under 13 - Born 2006

Under 14 - Born 2005

Under 15 - Born 2004

Under 16 - Born 2003

Under 17 - Born 2002

Under 18 - Born 2001


The Junior squad is aimed at the age-group of 18years +. This is the highest level that the club is involved in and we are very proud of the achievements of these teams. The teams are involved in a number of local and national competitions and always do the club proud.


Ladies and girls soccer is now officially the fastest growing sport in the world. Renmore AFC field ladies and girls soccer teams and are actively seeking new members to add to our squads. Renmore Ladies Soccer founded in 2004. It is a great way to help you keep fit and learn new skills. The social side of the game is just as important to the club and we welcome those interested in joining for fun as well as those looking for a competitive sport to get involved in. Membership is open to all girls and ladies with an interest in soccer and who wish to play for Rennmore AFC.


If you are interested in coming along to meet new friends/team mates and help Renmore move up the league table, please contact one of the committee.


Training for academy and girls takes place on Saturday mornings from 10am behind the Renmore AFC Clubhouse. Contact the secretary for details on other teams.